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SouthXSouthmost 2016!


1045 E Washington St 78520 Brownsville United States
BAM presents our second SouthbySouthmost event taking place in historic Downtown Brownsville! This will be taking place July 22nd-24th!

One thing we are very proud of for SXSM is that we feature ALL ORIGINAL artists from the STX and surrounding region. BAM believes in the concept of encouraging original music and art in the Brownsville area because creative mindsets are the foundation for a vibrant arts community.



Doors 5pm

7:00-7:30pm SYNTHROLOGIA
7:45-8:15pm Blight Night
8:30-9:00pm The MRA
9:15-9:45pm Mildriot
10:00-10:30pm NARB
10:45-11:15pm INGRATE
11:30-12:00am Dispirit
12:15-12:45am XETAS (ATX)
1:00-1:45am Calico Club (S.A.)

BAM Street

6:45-7:15pm Mind Over Matter
7:30-8:00pm Reliving Cape York
8:15-8:45pm Palm Leaf Skylines
9:00-9:30pm Four Letter Language
9:45-10:15pm Kemo for Emo
10:30-11:00pm Los Skagaleros

7 PM - 8:30 PM
San Fernando Building, 1106 E Adams St, Brownsville, TX 78520-5804, United States
SXSM Presents: Screening of Siente La Ciudad with Live Score by Miguel Eugenio of New Berlin

6:00-6:45pm Ocean Vertigo
7:00-7:45pm Rituals (Matamoros)
8:00-8:45pm Pazuzu
9:00-9:45pm Undermine Authority
10:00-10:45pm Deadbeat
11:00-11:45pm Terreno
12:00-12:45am The Unemployed
1:00-1:45am Galvanic

Half Moon Saloon

9:30-10:00pm Jove Bewake
10:15-10:45pm Tiny Purple Fishes
11:00-11:30pm Grayson
11:45-12:15am Ideophonic
12:30-1:00am Good Ghost

Galeria 409
8:00--9:00pm Jair
9:00-10:00pm Noise Traveler


Historic Palm Lounge:

8:15-8:45pm Emilio and Los Bluzanos

El Hueso de Fraile

8:30PM-9:15pm Hector Esparza
9:30-10:15pm The Shakes
10:30-11:15pm Ensamble la Misión
11:30-12:30am The Crashers



Doors 5pm
7:00-7:30pm Heavy Hugs
7:45-8:15pm October Roar
8:30-9:00pm El Estado(Matamoros/Monterrey)
9:15-9:45pm Los Rude Waves
10:00-10:30pm In Your Long Arms
10:45-11:15pm New China (ATX)
11:30-12:00am La Ratera
12:15-12:45am Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes (ATX)
1:00-1:45am Nag Champa (S.A.)

BAM Street
7:30-8:00pm Milumet
8:15-8:45pm New Berlin
9:00-9:30pm Super
9:45-10:15pm Critical Dad(ATX)
10:30-11:00pm Breaklight (ATX)


5:15-5:35pm King Los
5:45-6;15pm Brittany Angel
6:25-6:55pm Devin J
7:05-7:35pm A-Dre
7:45-8:15pm Farmertron Automatic
8:25-8:55pm Mic Melt
9:05-9:35pm Spy MC
9:45-10:15pm Evolve
10:25-10:55pm Conscious Vibe
11:05-11:35pm Z
11:45-12:15AM FRED RICK
12:25-1:00am Grace 1 Entertainment
1:00-1:45am DJ Chron

Saturday at 6 PM - 7:30 PM
Art Expressions in the Valley
Puente Art Studio (open both nights)
741 E Elizabeth St, Brownsville, Texas 78520

Half Moon Saloon

6 PM - 9 PM SXSM Presents: #MillennialsChat: Band Together
9:30-10:00pm Televangelist
10:15-10:45pm Six Royal Vipers(Matamoros)
11:00-11:30pm Rhapzodia
11:45-12:15am Clever Heads Prevail (San Marcos)
12:30-1:00am Monstuo Bohemio

Plazita @ Market Square

6:30-7:00pm Theda Jane
7:15-7:45pm Johnny Morose
8:00-8:30pm Joey and the Nobody Else
8:45-9:30pm Ocean Avenue Breeze
9:45-10:45pm Sheba's Dream

Galeria 409

5:00-9:00pm Jose Nevarez Wood Sculpture Exhibit FREE

El Hueso de Fraile

8:30pm-9:15pm Keith Contois
9:30-10:15pm Fifth & Alamo
10:30-11:15pm Ensamble la Misión
11:30-12:30am Raul Folk

Bands particpating (In alphabetical order)

• A-Dre
• Blight Night
• Breaklight (ATX)
• Brittany Angel
• Calico Club (S.A.)
• Carl Sagan's Skate Shoes (ATX)
• Clever Heads Prevail (San Marcos)
• Conscious Vibe
• Critical Dad(ATX)
• Deadbeat
• Devin J
• Dispirit
• DJ Chron
• El Estado(Matamoros/Monterrey)
• Emilio and Los Bluzanos
• Ensamble la Misión
• Evolve
• Farmertron Automatic
• Fifth & Alamo
• Four Letter Language
• Galvanic
• Good Ghost
• Grace 1 Entertainment
• Grayson
• Heavy Hugs
• Hector Esparza
• Ideophonic
• In Your Long Arms
• Jair
• Joey and the Nobody Else
• Johnny Morose
• Jove Bewake
• Keith Contois
• Kemo for Emo
• King Los
• La Ratera
• Los Rude Waves
• Los Skagaleros
• Mic Melt
• Mildriot
• Milumet
• Mind Over Matter
• Monstuo Bohemio
• Nag Champa (S.A.)
• New Berlin
• New China (ATX)
• Noise Traveler
• Ocean Avenue Breeze
• October Roar
• Palm Leaf Skylines
• Pazuzu
• Raul Folk
• Reliving Cape York
• Rhapzodia
• Rituals (Matamoros)
• Sheba's Dream
• Six Royal Vipers(Matamoros)
• Spy MC
• Super
• Televangilist
• Terreno
• The Crashers
• The MRA
• The Shakes
• The Unemployed
• Theda Jane
• Tiny Purple Fishes
• Undermine Authority
• Z