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W;t Auditions


Camille Playhouse
1 Dean Porter Park 78520 Brownsville United States
Camille Playhouse will be holding open auditions for the first show of their 53rd Season; "Wit", the Pulitzer-Prize Winning Play by Margaret Edson.

Auditions will be held, by appointment, at Camille Playhouse - 1 Dean Porter Park, Brownsville, Texas 78520, on Monday, June 27 and Tuesday, June 28 from 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Callbacks will be held on Thursday, June 30 from 7:00 - 9:30. Actors wishing to audition should email Director Chris Ikner at ikner.christopher@gmail.com for sides and an audition appointment.

Show Synopsis:
Vivian Bearing, Ph.D., a renowned professor of English who has spent years studying and teaching the brilliant and difficult metaphysical sonnets of John Donne, has been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Her approach to the study of Donne: aggressively probing, intensely rational. But during the course of her illness—and her stint as a prize patient in an experimental chemotherapy program at a major teaching hospital—Vivian comes to reassess her life and her work with a profundity and humor that are transformative both for her and the audience.

VIVIAN BEARING, PhD – 50 years old, a professor of seventeenth-century poetry at the university, diagnosed with ovarian Cancer. (Character is bald from chemo)

HARVEY KELEKIAN, MD – 50-60 years old, chief of medical oncology at the University Hospital. (Actor will double as Mr Bearing, Vivian's father when she was a child)

JASON POSNER, MD – 28 years old, a clinical fellow at the Medical Oncology Branch, former student in Vivian’s class

SUSIE MONAHAN, RN, BSN – Vivian’s primary nurse in the cancer in-patient unit.

E.M. ASHFORD, D. PHIL. – 65-80 years old, professor emerita of English literature, Vivian’s former professor in college

Ensemble of 4 (2M, 2W) to be Laboratory technicians and Students of Dr Bearing’s class and rescue team (20-30 something's)